Student Learning Services

The STUDENT LEARNING SERVICES DEPARTMENT for School District No. 40 (New Westminster) is located at 1001 Columbia St.

Our department seeks to assist teachers, administrators, staff members, parents and the community to provide students with the best possible learning experiences. We

  • support teachers to provide opportunities for students to develop their knowledge, attitudes and skills
  • focus on research-based teaching, learning and assessment in support of District and school-based goals
  • co-plan and co-teach learning rounds, workshops, tool-kit training sessions, teacher research interactions (literacy and numeracy), grade and group/department focus sessions
  • assist administrators to focus on quality learning experiences in classrooms
  • assist administrators to run learning-focussed staff meetings to improve student achievement and potential
  • monitor student achievement throughout the grades in the district and assist teachers to refine instruction

Learning Services appreciates the opportunity to work with teachers and others to enhance learning opportunities provided to all students.

Please contat Janet Grant to assist you in achieving your goals for student learning.