Counselling Services

In addition to the school-based counselling services offered by school counsellors, the following programs are offered in our District:

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention:

Fraser Health has provided funds for the past several years for a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Worker.   This role is now subsidized by the District.   The Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Worker provides workshops to secondary, middle and elementary students throughout the district.   A major focus for the past couple of years has been using both Restitution and the search institutes Developmental Assets as means to prevent drug and alcohol abuse.    Another important aspect of this role is finding effective interventions for those students already impacted with drug and alcohol issues.  

University of B.C. Counselling Centre:

The Centre has been in our District for over 30 years.   This has been a collaborative partnership between the District and UBC that offers free counselling services to students and community members.  UBC Master’s Degree and Doctoral students offer counselling services free of charge as part of the clinical practicum component of their studies.   Housed on-site at New Westminster Secondary School, this initiative has been a valuable resource for our community.

UBC Master’s Programs:

Our District is currently hosting two UBC Master’s Degree Programs:  one in Counselling Psychology and the other in Early Education.  

Counselling Programs offered in our District:

  • Child Abuse Prevention:  "Let’s Talk About Touching” is a child abuse prevention program that is offered at the Kindergarten level and the C.A.R.E. Kit program is targeted for Grade 3 students.
  • “Friends for Life”:  A program designed to teach students resiliency skills that will help them deal with anxiety.   This program is offered free of charge by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) in response to a significant increase in the numbers of children dealing with anxiety.   Initially targeted to grade 4 and 5 students, the program has now been expanded for grade 7 students and may be offered in both English and French.Complementary Aboriginal resources are also available.   Our district also offered a “Friends for Life” parent session at Lord Kelvin Elementary last year.
  • Fin’s Friends:  A primary program focused on ‘character education’. 
  • Children in Care Initiative:  In August 2009, it was announced that Districts in the province would monitor all students in continuing care with MCFD.   Our District has responded with a process to monitor all students in continuing care and is collaborating with our local MCFD office to also include students in temporary care living arrangements.