School Maps for Active & Safer Walking Routes

 Hub for Action on School Transportation Emisssions

The City of New Westminster and HASTE (Hub for Action on School Transportation Emissions) are proud to launch the brand new Active and Safe Routes to School (ASRTS) Maps.  Each elementary school in the district now has a map that provides the best and safest walking routes to their schools.

These maps are the result of a comprehensive information-gathering process, which has received invaluable feedback from the schools and their communities as well as professional input from members of the School Travel Planning municipal stakeholders committee.

The maps also provide important information about the benefits of active school travel, which include not only benefits to your health but to the community and the environment as well.

A recent survey by StatsCan found that only 7 percent of Canadian children were active enough to gain substantial health benefits.  This means that over 90 percent of children do not get the daily activity recommended for prevention of diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Encouraging children to actively commute to and from school (such as walking or biking) can be an important source of physical activity and a valuable part of a lifestyle that promotes the health of children and the environment.

Please follow the links below for maps of the "Active and Safer Routes to School" in your area:

Connaught Heights Elementary School
F.W. Howay Elementary School
Glenbrook Middle School (East)
Glenbrook Middle School (West) 
Herbert Spencer Elementary School 
Lord Kelvin Elementary School 
Lord Tweedsmuir Elementary School 
Qayqayt Elementary School
Queen Elizabeth Elementary School 
Queensborough Middle School
Richard McBride Elementary School